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Law and Economic Change in a Young Democracy: India since 1950 (with Anand Swamy). Book project under preparation

It is difficult to “do business” in India. How has the situation come to be like this? In our previous book, Law and the Economy in Colonial India, we explored the colonial roots of this problem and told the story up to 1947.  This book extends our analysis to roughly 2015. We explore how the colonial legacy persisted and how it was reshaped by the democratic and development-driven state. We show that many of these changes were politically induced, which added rather than removed obstacles to frictionless working of markets.


Climate and the Economy in India since 1850. Book project under preparation

Explores the two-way interaction between environmental change and economic change in South Asia, through the medium of water.


Reserve Bank of India 1997-2007

Book project under preparation

The history of the Indian central bank during financial markets liberalization.